“A sketch of Nomas wine philosophy”. An extract of the first chapter of the book – At noma you get lumpy wine.

By Pontus Elofsson - octubre 23, 2012

Noma’s wine philosophy outlined

- by reference to the food

The primary point of departure, when examining Noma’s wine philosophy, is without a doubt the food. The wines at Noma are far and foremost chosen based on how well they go with the food. Noma’s kitchen is, as most probably know, based on Nordic ingredients, grown in a cool climate, which allows a long period of maturation.… More »

New book by Pontus Elofsson the man behind noma’s wine philosophy – published in Danish the 29th of October 2012

By Lau Richter - octubre 11, 2012

Pontus Elofsson
At Noma you get lumpy wine

What do you put in the wine glass at Noma?
And what are the thoughts behind the wine selection at one of the world’s most influential restaurants?
Noma’s head sommelier during 8 years tells about his life with wine and presents his interpretation of René Redzepis food in the wine. Organic, biodynamic and natural wine is the centre of attention
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