Diving Beyond the Wall

By Mark Emil Hermansen - marzo 23, 2013

”Very few people can get three chefs to jump in the water. Roderick Sloan is the man who can and did. It is people like Rod who make the real magic behind what we do” -Trevor Moran, former product sous chef at noma… More »

New coffee is brewing…

By Mads Kleppe - marzo 21, 2013

After months of planning and preparations, our new coffee programme is now up and running. It was a change that we had started discussing at noma midway through last year. To put it simply, after working with the same people and brewing methods for nine years, we wanted to try something new.

How could we offer a coffee serving that was both delicious and interesting and could also work within our hectic daily restaurant routine?… More »

A story about a ship that brings happiness.

By Sune Rosforth - marzo 13, 2013

8000 bottles of wine shipped from Brest (France) to Knippelsbro (Knippel’s Bridge, Copenhagen) summer 2012 – a guest post from Sune Rosforth

Our wine company, Rosforth & Rosforth, was established in 1993 and sells wine commercially to restaurants. For the past 12 years, the company has been located under Knippelsbro (Knippel’s Bridge) in Christianshavn (Christian’s Harbour).… More »


By - marzo 9, 2013

At noma, having happy and satisfied guests is paramount to our daily work and lives, and is our number one priority.

Unfortunately during week 7 (February 12th -16th) 2013, there were a number of cases where guests at noma where hit by Norovirus after their visit. It is a matter that deeply affects us all, and that we sincerely regret.

Since receiving the news, we have been working closely with The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration to find the source of the problem.… More »