Noma 3.0

Noma 3.0

To continue being noma, we must change.

Dear guests, colleagues, and friends,

Winter 2024 will be the last season of noma as we know it. We are beginning a new chapter; noma 3.0.

In 2025, our restaurant is transforming into a giant lab—a pioneering test kitchen dedicated to the work of food innovation and the development of new flavors, one that will share the fruits of our efforts more widely than ever before.

In this next phase, we will continue to travel and search for new ways to share our work. Is there somewhere we must go in the world to learn? Then we will do a noma pop-up. And when we’ve gathered enough new ideas and flavors, we will do a season in Copenhagen. Serving guests will still be a part of who we are, but being a restaurant will no longer define us. Instead, much of our time will be spent on exploring new projects and developing many more ideas and products.

Our goal is to create a lasting organization dedicated to groundbreaking work in food, but also to redefine the foundation for a restaurant team, a place where you can learn, you can take risks, and you can grow!

We’ve spent the last two years planning, and we’re ready for the next many years of realizing our goal. 

We hope you’ll join us on this new journey. 
Thank you! 

René & the noma team

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