By Annika de Las Heras - May 9, 2013


Each year we see a number of new people; they are young, fresh-faced, filled with passion and an unbridled sense of curiosity that brings them to our restaurant, eager for a new experience. Here they work alongside our kitchen’s regular staff of twenty-four as part of a three month internship – they get a glimpse into our way of life and we give them an opportunity to become an integral part of our restaurants’ daily operations; the foraging, harvesting from our farms, and the opportunity to see ingredients through to the guests.… More »

Noma’s Kitchen is Evolving

By Annika de Las Heras - May 3, 2013

When we first opened in November 2003 – nearly ten years ago now – our kitchen and overall operations were quite different from what they are today. We had a small staff of about nine or ten people in total: three waiters and one apprentice to run the front of house; and, in the kitchen, three chefs and two apprentices. A ‘busy’ lunch for us meant about 10 guests in the restaurant – and, to serve them, we did what we could with four gas burners and little else in the way of proper kitchen equipment.… More »