We’re opening a wine bar

By René Redzepi - May 15, 2020

Dear friends and guests,

We are incredibly happy to be allowed to reopen the doors of noma, now that restrictions have eased in Denmark.

In this moment, we are eager to connect with our community, and to celebrate summer in the best (and safest) way we can.

Our reopening will happen in two steps.

An outdoor wine bar: The first step is something we are very excited about, because it is completely new for us.… More »

The next chapter of noma

By René Redzepi - September 20, 2019

Dear colleagues and friends,

I am writing to let you know some very exciting news.

It has been seventeen years since I began my work at noma and it’s been an incredible run so far. I’ve been able to work with some of the best people in our industry – managers, cooks, sous chefs, sommeliers, dishwashers and partners who have all contributed to our success and what this restaurant has become.… More »

Looking waiters to join our FOH team

By Lau Richter - May 6, 2018

We are looking for waiters to join our FOH team. Are you interested….?

Right now  is one of the most exciting times for our restaurant.

After only just re opening in our new home, the team is expanding, and we are looking for ambitious and fun people to join the family, in our Front of House team, to be a part of figuring out our new space and helping set the tone and pace for the years to come.… More »

Our front of house team is looking for a new waiter

By Lau Richter - September 9, 2016


Dear waiter,

Thank you for being interested in joining the noma FOH team! For the past 13 years we have developed a very special style of service; a place where the FOH team, blends in with the kitchen staff. From the beginning, this was a new approach on how we wanted to be with our guests.

We want you to be professional, positive and curious about everything that goes on in our wonderful industry.… More »

We’re opening a new restaurant!

By Kristian Baumann - December 7, 2015

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Dear friends,

For many years I have dreamt of opening a restaurant. Fortunately René has also been looking for the right opportunity to expand the family. Now, in partnership with him and the Noma team, this dream becomes a reality. Our restaurant’s name, “108”, refers to its permanent address on Strandgade in Christianshavn, and we will open our doors there in late spring.… More »

Stream of Noma

By Ben Mervis - March 26, 2015

‘Stream of Noma’ is an hour long sound piece produced by Efterklang, and installed in the bathrooms at Restaurant Noma. The recordings were made by Efterklang both at the restaurant and at a local supplier’s chicken farm.

‘Stream of Noma’ features hundreds of recordings, made in September of 2013, which were layered to form an aural stream with 20 focal points.… More »