We’re looking for a pastry chef

By René Redzepi - August 29, 2014

Dear pastry chefs,

We are looking to hire a person to be in charge of daily operations in the pastry section of restaurant noma.

We’d need you to start in the beginning of October (1 November at the latest) for an extensive training period. The position officially begins in June 2015.

The job entails running a team of five, working closely with the head chef and the other sous chefs, and welcoming and interacting with guests.… More »


By René Redzepi - April 15, 2014

Dear friends, guests and colleagues,

A long lasting dream of mine has come to fruition:

Restaurant noma is moving to Japan for two months in the beginning of 2015.

Five years ago I was invited there by chef Murata of the acclaimed Kikunoi and I was awestruck by the richness of Japanese food culture. In some way since that first visit I’ve been secretly planning this temporary relocation.… More »

Noma’s New Shared Table

By Lau Richter - January 18, 2014

Shared Table

For the past three years, it has been a challenge to meet the demand we receive for reservations. We want nothing more than to say “yes” to the people who are interested in joining us, but at the end of the day, Noma is only a small, 45-seat restaurant.

In an effort to accommodate more diners — and because there is a large interest in reservations for smaller parties — we will begin offering a shared table daily, for both lunch and dinner services.… More »

MAD Symposium: Copenhagen 25 & 26 August, 2013

By Gabe Ulla - August 24, 2013

MAD Symposium: Copenhagen 25 & 26 August, 2013

Lineup Co-Curated by David Chang & Lucky Peach

COPENHAGEN — MAD, the annual symposium founded by Danish chef René Redzepi in 2011, will celebrate its third edition on 25 and 26 August, 2013, with a lineup of speakers co-curated by Momofuku chef and founder David Chang and his collaborators at Lucky Peach, the noted food and writing quarterly published in conjunction with McSweeney’s.… More »

A Noma (maritime) Garden…

By noma - June 7, 2013

In addition to our complete kitchen renovations this July, we’ve also been working two years on constructing a garden, surrounding the restaurant. One of the great benefits of working here has always been the wonderful view of the ocean, slapping on the quay just a few meters from our front door. So we are excited to combine that inspiration with a garden built from our natural landscape.… More »


By Annika de Las Heras - May 9, 2013


Each year we see a number of new people; they are young, fresh-faced, filled with passion and an unbridled sense of curiosity that brings them to our restaurant, eager for a new experience. Here they work alongside our kitchen’s regular staff of twenty-four as part of a three month internship – they get a glimpse into our way of life and we give them an opportunity to become an integral part of our restaurants’ daily operations; the foraging, harvesting from our farms, and the opportunity to see ingredients through to the guests.… More »

Noma’s Kitchen is Evolving

By Annika de Las Heras - May 3, 2013

When we first opened in November 2003 – nearly ten years ago now – our kitchen and overall operations were quite different from what they are today. We had a small staff of about nine or ten people in total: three waiters and one apprentice to run the front of house; and, in the kitchen, three chefs and two apprentices. A ‘busy’ lunch for us meant about 10 guests in the restaurant – and, to serve them, we did what we could with four gas burners and little else in the way of proper kitchen equipment.… More »

Diving Beyond the Wall

By Mark Emil Hermansen - March 23, 2013

”Very few people can get three chefs to jump in the water. Roderick Sloan is the man who can and did. It is people like Rod who make the real magic behind what we do” -Trevor Moran, former product sous chef at noma… More »

New coffee is brewing…

By Mads Kleppe - March 21, 2013

After months of planning and preparations, our new coffee programme is now up and running. It was a change that we had started discussing at noma midway through last year. To put it simply, after working with the same people and brewing methods for nine years, we wanted to try something new.

How could we offer a coffee serving that was both delicious and interesting and could also work within our hectic daily restaurant routine?… More »

A story about a ship that brings happiness.

By Sune Rosforth - March 13, 2013

8000 bottles of wine shipped from Brest (France) to Knippelsbro (Knippel’s Bridge, Copenhagen) summer 2012 – a guest post from Sune Rosforth

Our wine company, Rosforth & Rosforth, was established in 1993 and sells wine commercially to restaurants. For the past 12 years, the company has been located under Knippelsbro (Knippel’s Bridge) in Christianshavn (Christian’s Harbour).… More »


By - March 9, 2013

At noma, having happy and satisfied guests is paramount to our daily work and lives, and is our number one priority.

Unfortunately during week 7 (February 12th -16th) 2013, there were a number of cases where guests at noma where hit by Norovirus after their visit. It is a matter that deeply affects us all, and that we sincerely regret.

Since receiving the news, we have been working closely with The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration to find the source of the problem.… More »

News for 2013

By Lau Richter - January 29, 2013

A short introduction to some of the news and plans for 2013.

To improve and hopefully make a better experience for our guests in the future, we have a number of exciting changes planned for 2013.

Lately we have been working on a new approach for our juice menu. We are now at a point where we believe we can offer an exciting and extensive pairing of beverages without alcohol.… More »

Noma Test Kitchen

By Mark Emil Hermansen - November 8, 2012

Here’s a few videos from our test kitchen. Watch Lars and Thomas make Pea-so, Grasshopper Garum, Lacto-fermented Plums and the Yeast Petit Four.

Thanks to Anders Hemmingsen for shooting these.


http://vimeo.com/53073346… More »

“A sketch of Nomas wine philosophy”. An extract of the first chapter of the book – At noma you get lumpy wine.

By Pontus Elofsson - October 23, 2012

Noma’s wine philosophy outlined

- by reference to the food

The primary point of departure, when examining Noma’s wine philosophy, is without a doubt the food. The wines at Noma are far and foremost chosen based on how well they go with the food. Noma’s kitchen is, as most probably know, based on Nordic ingredients, grown in a cool climate, which allows a long period of maturation.… More »

New book by Pontus Elofsson the man behind noma’s wine philosophy – published in Danish the 29th of October 2012

By Lau Richter - October 11, 2012

Pontus Elofsson
At Noma you get lumpy wine

What do you put in the wine glass at Noma?
And what are the thoughts behind the wine selection at one of the world’s most influential restaurants?
Noma’s head sommelier during 8 years tells about his life with wine and presents his interpretation of René Redzepis food in the wine. Organic, biodynamic and natural wine is the centre of attention
More »

A Taste of Noma at Claridge’s

By Lau Richter - July 28, 2012

From July 28 to August 6, René, Matt and a team of chefs from noma will be performing ‘A Taste of Noma at Claridge’s’ in London. Here, noma’s dishes will be incorporated in this completely different and beautiful setting. Hence, we are contributing a bit to the celebration of The Olympic Games.… More »

Summer break

By Lau Richter - July 23, 2012

Noma is closed for three weeks from July 23 to August 13 – and so is the booking department.

As always we are closed for three weeks during the summer to let everybody have a break. However, this year a lot of things will be happening while the restaurant is closed.

A part of the team is going to London to cook and meanwhile we will be rebuilding parts of the dining room.… More »

Creative Methodology

By Ben Reade - May 4, 2012

As NFL recognizes cooking food as a creative occupation, but at the same time one which occupies space in the scientific sphere, a conscious effort is made to occupy the grey area in the middle, between science and creativity. By taking inspiration from both scientific and artistic disciplines, NFL manages to achieve things which other research facilities, based on only one side of the science/creativity divide, would not be able to attempt.… More »

New staff area, including test kitchen

By Lau Richter - April 5, 2012

Staff area / The room
Staff area

More »

New Mad symposium & speakers for 2012 revealed

By Ali Kurshat Altinsoy - March 25, 2012

Ferran Adria

Please click here to see the list of confirmed speakersMore »