Food & Wine



Apple of the season

Fresh sliced scallop

An autumn platter

Radish pie

Natural fermented bread of Øland wheat and hulless barley

Milk curd with fresh walnuts and parsley

Sea urchin and cabbage

Lobster, onion and lavender

Butternut squash and barley

Steamed king crab and egg yolk sauce

Charred greens with a scallop paste

Whole roasted duck

A dessert of potatoes and plums

Black currant wood ice cream and roasted konini

Chocolates and egg liqueur


Please note that the menu is subject to change.

Menu DKK 2,000 including 25% VAT

Wine pairing DKK 1,100 including 25% VAT

Juice menu DKK 700 including 25% VAT

Wine list

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