20 servings – lunch and dinner

Red currant and green stawberry
Nordic coconut
Moss and cep
Flower tarts
Peas and radishes
Pickled and smoked quails eggs
Flatbread with wild roses
White cabbage and samphire
Caramelized milk and monkfish liver
Æbleskiver, lovage and parsley
Burnt leek and cod roe

Shrimp and goosefoot
Radish and yeast

White asparagus
Black currant leaves and barley

Beef tartar and ants

Sloe berries and aromatic herbs

Cured egg yolk, potato and elderflower

Turbot and nasturtium
Cream and wood sorrel

Rhubarb and sorrel
Crème fraiche and Spanish chervil

Gammel Dansk

Three treats

Please note that the menu is subject to change.

Menu DKK 1.600 including 25% VAT

Wine pairing DKK 1.000 including 25% VAT

Juice menu DKK 600 including 25% VAT

Wine list

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