Food & Wine



Rhubarb and seaweed

Vegetable platter

Radish pie

Grilled baby cucumber, summer herbs and cream

Bread and goat’s milk butter

Fresh milk curds and the first green garlic shoots

Cooked white asparagus with barley and goose foot

Sweet lobster, lavender and rose oil

Crisp of wild roses and Danish peas

Steamed king crab and egg yolk sauce

Charred ramson and scallop paste

Turbot grilled on the bone with sweet shrimp

Dessert of bitters “Gammel Dansk”

Moss cooked in chocolate

Cep mushroom

Egg liqueur

Please note that the menu is subject to change.

Menu DKK 1.900 including 25% VAT

Wine pairing DKK 1.100 including 25% VAT

Juice menu DKK 700 including 25% VAT

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