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A Noma (maritime) Garden…

In addition to our complete kitchen renovations this July, we’ve also been working two years on constructing a garden, surrounding the restaurant. One of the great benefits of working here has always been the wonderful view of the ocean, slapping on the quay just a few meters from our front door. So we are excited to combine that inspiration with a garden built from our natural landscape. A particular focus is on the local vegetation and topography of the Nordic coastal region, imagining what once existed around us. The garden will feature a dynamic array of seasonal vegetation that will change throughout the year. We won’t grow any edible items though, it’s to complicated with the salty water literally ten steps away.

And we might even be fulfilling one of Renés childhood dreams of becoming a beekeeper as we are also currently looking into the possibility of maintaining a few hives around our garden to help with pollination. Lets see if we can make a few dreams come true….

Right now we’re in the process of finalizing details and deciding on all of the potential plant options “to sea buckthorn or not to sea buckhorn” are some of the hard questions we will deal with in the next coming weeksJ

The coastal garden will be constructed throughout the month of July and will be finalized before we reopen on August 1st after our summer break.

Thank you to the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen for providing piles of valuable input. And to Polyform Architects that brought the idea to life.

As illustrated in the diagrams below the garden will wrap completely around the restaurant, giving both our guests and ourselves a more natural and interesting landscape to look out onto.

Before: Current view of the restaurant from the outside

After: Bird’s-eye view of the restaurant and the surrounding garden

And finally… a view from eye-level

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