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Dreams of Australia

Dear friends, we’re moving to Sydney!

Last year I had the greatest learning experience of my life. By moving our restaurant to Tokyo we opened ourselves to a new library of taste, an awe-inspiring culinary tradition both ancient and diverse. The immersion into Japanese culture challenged us to understand a new set of ingredients, develop new mindsets, and explore new possibilities. We came back to Copenhagen more lifted than ever: with bags of energy and inspiration, and many new friends.

We want to travel like this one final time… and lately I’ve been dreaming of Australia.

Australia has always drawn me in; its great cities, its generous people, and of course its ever-present sun. But what really boggles my mind is the differences you find in its landscapes and ingredients, because honestly I have never seen anything like it.

Since my first trip to Australia several years ago I’ve been wanting to spend more time there— exploring, tasting, and understanding its ingredients. From the tropical fruit in the north, to the native pepper leaf of Tasmania; the pristine fish and shellfish of the very south, and all the new exotic wonders in between. Our research forays will take us into the bush, around every shoreline, weeding our way through Flinders and Kangaroo Island. Somewhere along that course I may even get my first surfing lesson.

When we settle down we’re bringing the entire team, from dishwasher to general manager –our work family as well as our spouses and kids— but we’re leaving behind our ingredients in Copenhagen. All we’ll take from our kitchen is an open frame of mind and a passion for learning.

Now… how will we replace the winter beet with a coconut?

Best wishes,

René Redzepi & the noma team

Noma Australia

Barangaroo, Sydney

Opening January 2016 for ten weeks

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