Food & Wine


We currently divide our year into three seasons, during which the menu changes dramatically to match the type of ingredients that are at their peak at any given time of the year.

Vegetable Season runs from summer to early fall (June 25th – September 21st)
Game & Forest Season runs from early fall through the end of the year (October 15th – December 21st)
Closed for holidays: December 22nd, 2019 – early January 2020
Seafood Season runs from early January to spring (January 7th – May 30th)


Our three Seasons


Vegetable Season
June 25th – September 21st

In this season, we will be exploring the plant kingdom and everything that is edible; cooking with what we can find underground, above ground, near the water and in the trees. We will forage for the freshest ingredients in every lake, river, stream, meadow and woodland, work closely everyday with our collaborators to harvest their best crops, and grow some produce of our own on our urban farm.

Cooking with vegetables has always been a favorite of ours, but now we are daring to create a menu entirely out of vegetables and to make it as delicious as one with meat. This menu will be very exciting considering the diversity of the plant kingdom.

We will offer both a vegetarian menu and a vegan menu. This means that there will not be any big pieces of meat or fish on the menu, if you are hoping for that we suggest that you come and dine with us during either Seafood Season when the menu will be focused on seafood, or Game & Forest Season the only season when meat will play a role in the menu.


Game & Forest Season
October 15th – December 21st

This is the only period of the year when meat will play a starring role at noma, and we will serve everything we can get our hands on: a teal for 2, a goose for 4, leg of moose, reindeer tongue, and wild duck (for those of you following us on Instagram, we will spare our friendly duck neighbors). The Game and Forest Season menu will also pay homage to everything that grows in the forest: berries, mushrooms, nuts, and all of the wild plants. It’s of course also the harvest season, so truly one of the most bountiful moments of the year. This season will be a celebration of autumnal abundance.

If you are hoping for a menu focused on seafood or vegetables, we suggest that you come and dine with us during one of our other two seasons, see below for details.


Seafood Season
January 7th – May 30th

This season is a celebration of Scandinavian seafood, which is at its absolute best during the cold, winter months. Each serving on the menu will include some element from the ocean. If you have an aversion or allergy to any foods from the ocean, or adhere to a vegetarian or vegan diet, please join us during one of our other two seasons.

If you are hoping for a menu focused on vegetables or game, we suggest that you come and dine with us during one of our other two seasons.


Menu Pricing

Menu: DKK 2,500
Wine Pairing: DKK 1,350
Juice Pairing: DKK 950
Student Package: DKK 1,500

All prices include 25% VAT, and are subject to change.