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Friends, we’re seeking someone very special…

As the restaurant grows into its 16th year, we find ourselves for want of someone with either very special skills, or a very special aptitude. At Noma, we zoom into the natural world with a curiosity that turns small experiments into whole departments. From fermentation to foraging, each door opened for us opens countless more. And to be sure, we aren’t going to stop knocking. Our kitchen manager, Simon, responsible for ordering and inventory, also takes care of one of the most important aspects of restaurant life; our ingredients. Not just what comes through our doors, but making sure they do every day. At the moment, he’s juggling a LOT of them.

As Noma keeps growing in scope, our creativity has to keep pace. So Simon’s job is being split in two. We’re searching for a full-time INGREDIENT RESEARCHER to scour Scandinavia for all the things we haven’t already found. This person will need to find inspiration in nooks and crannies—to build relationships with farmers, fishers, herders and craftspeople to link noma to the unique aliments they produce. In some cases, goods that aren’t even for sale. This is no desk job. It will require plenty of travel, resourcefulness, collaboration, organization and clear communication with Noma’s creative kitchens, all while planning months and even years out to make sure ingredients are in the ground or on the way before each season starts.

Being based in Scandinavia and speaking the language is a bonus. Being impassioned about the possibilities of a yet-to-be discovered taste or smell however, is paramount. A minimum 5 years work experience in professional kitchens is required and prior management experience will be heavily weighted. Proficiency on programs such as Evernote and Excel is beneficial. A knowledge of the region, farming practices and wild plants is a must, but if you don’t come with it, you’ll need to prove that you’ve at least learned how to learn. Send a thoughtful cover letter and CV with the subject RESEARCHER to tpm@noma.dk. This one of a kind job calls for a one of a kind person. We hope you’re reading this message. Only serious applications will be considered.

UPDATE: The application process is now closed, and we are no longer accepting additional applicants.

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