Noma 2.0: Vegetable, Forest, Ocean


Noma 2.0: Vegetable, Forest, Ocean is a deep dive into all that has been brewing in noma’s test kitchen since moving to our new location in 2018. The book includes 200 dishes catalogued with detailed photography and comprehensive descriptions.

This book is a cookbook, but it is not necessarily meant to be cooked from. At noma we constantly return to nature as a primary source of creative inspiration, however, creativity is a unique process for each individual. This book is meant to help catalyze that unique creative spark for each reader. If you do wish to recreate any of the dishes, there is a QR code in the book which will bring you to every detailed recipe exactly as they are used in the kitchen at noma.


The English language edition of Noma 2.0: Vegetable, Forest, Ocean is now available for purchase at your favorite local bookshop and on any of the following websites:





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