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Noma’s New Shared Table

Shared Table

For the past three years, it has been a challenge to meet the demand we receive for reservations. We want nothing more than to say “yes” to the people who are interested in joining us, but at the end of the day, Noma is only a small, 45-seat restaurant.

In an effort to accommodate more diners — and because there is a large interest in reservations for smaller parties — we will begin offering a shared table daily, for both lunch and dinner services.

We have booked several shared tables over the past few months, and it has worked very nicely. More guests have been able to join us, and it has been a pleasure to see diners from all over the world enjoy the experience together.

We’re ready to roll out the plan officially.

Details of the experience

Depending on the configuration of the restaurant on a given day, the shared table can be made up of anywhere from 4 to 16 guests. In some cases, the shared table will be in the main dining room and, in others, it will be located upstairs in the restaurant’s private dining room.

The rates for every aspect of the experience are the same as in the main dining room, but here they are sold as a package that includes an aperitif, the Noma menu, a beverage pairing (wine or juice), water, and coffee. For those who choose the wine pairing, the total cost is DKK 2900. For those that choose juice, it is DKK 2325.

Lunch begins at 12.15, and dinner at 19.15. In consideration for the other guests at the table, we ask that you be as prompt as possible.

How to book

Spots on the shared table are available up to one month in advance of the reservation date. This is different from our regular tables, which usually must be booked three months in advance. This, we hope, will allow those who cannot make plans so far in advance to join us more easily.

To secure a reservation on the shared table, please select the “shared table” option in the dropdown menu of our online booking system.

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