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Our front of house team is looking for a new waiter

Dear waiter,

Thank you for being interested in joining the noma FOH team! For the past 13 years we have developed a very special style of service; a place where the FOH team, blends in with the kitchen staff. From the beginning, this was a new approach on how we wanted to be with our guests.

We want you to be professional, positive and curious about everything that goes on in our wonderful industry. We place a huge emphasis on togetherness; you hold enough confidence to help every person around you. You strive to make your teammates better than you – you ensure that newcomers do not fall into the mistakes that you have made. You also have the necessary poise to surrender yourself every day to the service of our guests.

Furthermore, you have a basic understanding of wine and beverages in general. You also know the basics about food – the rest we will teach you if you are eager enough. The perfect candidate has had a few years of experience, has been educated, speaks fluent English, and preferably one more language, and is at least 22 years old.

Furthermore, if you choose to apply to us, you will also participate in a few major upcoming projects. We are about to move noma to a new location. This means we will be opening a new restaurant together; with all the trials and tribulations that endeavour offers. In other words – it’s gonna get tough and it is expected that we all do everything necessary to have a fresh, smooth and exiting opening for our new home. There is also the possibility of extended traveling – we have been to Japan and we have been to Australia. We closed the entire restaurant and moved the full team for months. We will probably do this again and again. So – do you like to travel?

Other things you have to consider before coming, is that we are asking you to move to Denmark. You should be acquainted with our home before committing yourself. Sometimes the winter here can be long and brutal. It is a wonderful city and a wonderful cooking community: Where everyone in town knows each other and helps each other. This is just one of the great benefits of being in Copenhagen – being a part of this community. But always remember: Winter is coming.That being said, it is not that bad – we love winter! It is a time to reflect, learn and read books. The buzz in the restaurant scene in Copenhagen fully compensates that.

If you choose to apply here, don’t do so if you are only looking for a short-term adventure for a year or less. If you come here, it is because you know you want to be here for a while. This is important. Once you get here, you will understand that one year is not enough. We can promise you that it is going to be fun, you’ll learn a lot and you will be a part of what we consider to be one of the best teams on the planet: A team that constantly pushes, never being satisfied with what happened yesterday. You’ll have friends for the rest of your life.

Up for the challenge? Please email foh@noma.dk with your CV and letter of motivation. We look forward to hearing from you!

*You probably have to be EU citizen BUT if you are an incredible candidate we will of course do whatever we can to get a visa for you.

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