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Summer break

Noma is closed for three weeks from July 23 to August 13 – and so is the booking department.

As always we are closed for three weeks during the summer to let everybody have a break. However, this year a lot of things will be happening while the restaurant is closed.

A part of the team is going to London to cook and meanwhile we will be rebuilding parts of the dining room.

The entire floor is being replaced by a new and much lighter wooden floor, and all furniture is going to be repainted.
The restrooms will be equipped with new toilets and furniture and all surfaces are going to be freshened up.
There will be new curtains in all windows, and the walls will be repainted as well.

In addition, the lounge area will undergo big changes. A new wall is build instead of the existing glass wall.
The big bar will be removed and replaced by smaller furniture. Hopefully, this will give us a more light and welcoming lounge.
Besides all the refurbishment, new tables and chairs are currently being made for the lounge – hopefully they will be ready before we are back from our summer break!

Lastly, our wine cabinets will finally be fixed. This will allow us to place further emphasis on serving our wine at the right temperature. Believe our sommeliers are a little tired of dealing with this issue every day.

We are very excited about all the changes and we are looking forward to be back at work. Ready for a new season.

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