Thank you for your interest in our trip to Japan!


The registration period has now closed


Please note that all notifications will be sent out by July 14. At this point, you will be informed whether a table has been booked, or if your information has been added to our waiting list.


If you do not receive an email by July 14, please contact us at


Please find additional details on Noma at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo below.










7月14日(月)中にメールが届かない場合、お手数ですが までメールにてご連絡ください。






Noma at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo will be open for lunch and dinner from 9 to 31 January 2015. Please note that we will be closed on Sundays.



There are two methods for obtaining a reservation:

1.) Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo will be offering dinner reservations as part of an accommodation package on a first-come, first-served basis, via their website at These reservations will become available at 6 am CET on 23 June.

2.) Bookings for lunch (available without an accommodation package) will be available via Please do not worry about having to wake up in the middle of the night to secure a reservation for these options. We have opted for a two-week registration period, with bookings allocated at random once registration closes. We realize that guests in different time zones might be interested in joining us next year and hope that this process will make things as easy and fair as possible. Registration will open at 8 pm CET on 23 June.

A private dining room with a maximum capacity of 10 guests will also be available for lunch and dinner without an accommodation package through the noma link. Please note that there will be a minimum spend of 600,000 Yen (prices subject to 8% consumption tax, 13% service charge). Parties less than 10 are welcome to book the private dining room however the minimum spend will apply.

During this period, guests will be able to specify the dates they’d be able to eat at the restaurant. They will also be able to indicate an interest in a waiting list for dinner, as well as whether they would like an accommodation package with the Mandarin Oriental. We will do our best to refer that information to the hotel and/or to get back to guests if anything becomes available.

Registration will close on 07 July at 5 PM CET. Guests will be notified if they have obtained a booking within one week following the closing of registration. Once guests have been notified of a successful booking, they will have 5 days to pre-pay the meal in order to confirm.



In Tokyo we’ll be serving a fixed menu. We’ll be leaving our ingredients at home and focusing our efforts over the next 6 months on finding the best produce in the region to come up with a new menu.

You can expect the meal to consist of a series of small servings followed by larger dishes, showing the best of the seasonal products available to us.

Our wine pairing will show an emphasis on small-scale producers who have a careful, passionate engagement with the land. The drinks on the juice menu will be created by Noma’s sommeliers and our team of chefs to complement the dishes on the menu.

There will be three menu options to choose from:

  • Fixed Menu + Wine pairing: (39,000 Yen + 24,000 Yen)
  • Fixed Menu + Juice pairing: (39,000 Yen + 16,000 Yen)
  • Fixed Menu: (39,000 Yen, with an option to pay for wine or other beverages à la carte on the day)
Private Dining Room: our private dining room will have a maximum capacity of 10 guests and will also be offered a selection of the above menu options. Smaller parties are welcome to book the private dining room, however please note that there will be a minimum spend of 600,000 Yen.


Please note that all prices are subject to 8% consumption tax, 13% service charge. Prices above do not include the cost of aperitif, water, tea/coffee, or avec.



We are not able to refund reservations, but bookings are transferrable up to one month in advance of the meal.



Those who cannot be accommodated after the registration period will be automatically placed on a waiting list for the dates they originally selected.



For any additional questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail

We will try to respond to messages as quickly as possible.






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1)マンダリン オリエンタル 東京では、ディナー付き宿泊プラン『ノーマ・アット・マンダリン・オリエンタル・東京』のご予約を公式ウェブサイト( にて承ります。こちらのご予約は、コペンハーゲン時間6月23日午前6時に開始いたします。

2)ランチのみのご予約は、ノーマ公式ウェブサイト(「ノーマ・アット・マンダリン・オリエンタル・東京」ご予約フォーム) にて承ります。こちらのご予約に関しては、世界中からご予約いただくお客さまの時差を考慮し、2週間のご登録期間を設け、ご予約受付終了時にご予約の確定が決定されることになります。こちらのご予約は、コペンハーゲン時間6月23日午後8時より受付を開始いたします。


ご予約期間中は、ご希望の日をお申し込みいただけます。また、ノーマからお申し込みいただけるディナー席のご予約、またマンダリン オリエンタル 東京のディナー付き宿泊プランにもウェイティングリストを設けさせていただいております。お席が確保できた場合には、その旨ご連絡を差し上げます。



『ノーマ・アット・マンダリン・オリエンタル・東京』では、コペンハーゲン『ノーマ』と同様スタイルのフィックス メニューのコース料理となります。東京へはコペンハーゲンの食材は一切持参せず、先6ヵ月間で日本の様々な食材を探し、オリジナルメニューを創作します。





  • フィックス・メニュー+ワイン・ペアリング(39,000円+24,000円)
  • フィックス・メニュー+ジュース・ペアリング(39,000円+16,000円)
  • フィックス・メニュー(39,000円)アラカルト ワイン、またはお飲み物(料金別途)を追加いただけます。