Noma Kyoto

Noma Kyoto

Dear Friends, we’re going to Kyoto, Japan!

Noma Kyoto at Ace Hotel Kyoto will run from March 15th to May 20th 2023. We will be open Wednesday through Saturday, with two seatings available every day – one lunch seating, and one dinner seating. 

We have traveled throughout Japan and this specific region for many years. We have studied and researched the history and the food culture, in particular kaiseki cuisine. For our Kyoto menu, we will source ingredients from local farmers, hunters, fishmongers, and foragers and will work very closely with this local network of suppliers. Our menu will reflect the sakura season in Kyoto, yet, we will not be a Japanese restaurant.

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Reservations for Noma Kyoto is now fully booked. We encourage you to sign up to our waiting list on We use this waiting list to contact guests in the event of a cancellation or table openings. 

Details on reservations:

  • Noma Kyoto reservations are available only as a prepaid package including menu, beverage pairing, water and tea / coffee. The price of the menu and beverage package is €775 + 10% service charge per person.

The reservation package includes:

  • Menu: €475 Beverage package including alcoholic or non-alcoholic pairing, water and tea / coffee: €300
  • A prepayment of the full amount is required to complete a reservation.  The payment will be charged in local currency, JPY. Cancellations can be cancelled with a refund up until 6 weeks ahead of the reservation.  
  • Have a backup payment method with you at time of booking if possible, as you will only have ten minutes to complete your purchase after selecting your reservation date. We wouldn’t want you to lose your table if for some reason the payment method is declined.
  • Once a reservation is completed, please note that it is not possible to change the time or date of the reservation. 
  • For more questions, please see

Artisans and craftspeople of Noma Kyoto

Dear friends

We are going to Kyoto, Japan. 

For the past two years, we have been studying, traveling and researching the city of Kyoto and the Kansai region – in particular, kaiseki cuisine. This spring, we return to the place where so much of our own journey began.  

I first visited Japan many years ago to study food culture. It was a mind blowing trip full of new impressions and sensations. The most pivotal moment was when I experienced my first tea ceremony. It was a traditional ceremony with many rituals, and as a Westerner sitting for hours in awkward positions I thought to myself: why so much attention for one cup of tea?

With this question, a new world unfolded. A world of Zen Buddhism and Japanese traditions; the art of giving meaning to seemingly unimportant moments, and to discover what can grow from these moments when set with intention and dedication. I learned that this ceremony, once only focused on tea, over time started to include small plates of food. With refinement, this evolved into a kaiseki meal – a selection of dishes prepared with incredible thought and consideration to reflect a particular season. This made me wonder: could the tasting menu we see in the Western world today have its origin in Japan, from the city of Kyoto and kaiseki cuisine? Or put it in a different way—from a cup of tea?

It’s incredibly inspiring for us to have the opportunity to explore this unique tradition in the beautiful city, Kyoto, in the height of sakura season. We can’t wait to soon pack our bags—a group of 95 people, from apprentices to owners—and live in a new corner of the world, to meet new people, learn from a different culture, and see things from a different point of view. Hopefully, on the other side, we can bring back new perspectives and a clearer vision for how to be noma. This trip is also an opportunity for us to travel as a team and shake off the last 2.5 years of the pandemic. We need an adventure, one that will prepare us for our next and greatest transformational journey yet – a new chapter for noma, which will unfold in 2024.

– René Redzepi, October 2022

Noma Kyoto is a collaboration between noma and Atelier Ace. This pop-up is made possible by our longstanding partner American Express and NTT Urban Development Corporation. We are also grateful for the warm welcome we have received from the city of Kyoto.

We want to thank our furniture partner Stellar Works, airline partner Japan Airlines, design partner OEO Studio, and our wide network of local suppliers and friends—who have shown us great support over our many research trips in Japan.