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We’re looking for a pastry chef

Dear pastry chefs,

We are looking to hire a person to be in charge of daily operations in the pastry section of restaurant noma.

We’d need you to start in the beginning of October (1 November at the latest) for an extensive training period. The position officially begins in June 2015.

The job entails running a team of five, working closely with the head chef and the other sous chefs, and welcoming and interacting with guests. The job will also include research and development responsibilities as we work on our menu each day throughout the year.

At our restaurant, the front and back of house collaborate and create closely, and depend on each other. Expect lots of craziness, lots of action, and a trip to Japan in December and January.

To be clear: we need someone with experience in ambitious restaurant pastry work, of course, but also in managing and working with a team. Most of our managers remain on staff for at least five years, so please do not put yourself into consideration unless you can see yourself in the position for a three-year minimum.

Please send your CV and cover letter to: Dan Giusti — dg@noma.dk

We look forward to hearing from you.

René Redzepi

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